Cowboy Venture

We help you develop your Minimum Viable Product

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Cowboy Venture is all about creating a Minimum Viable Product.

We code lean. We code agile. We anticipate change. We keep it simple. We do it for you.

Our Services


We develop your MVP in the cloud, for the cloud.

Cloud development is lean and effective.

Example platforms: Heroku, Amazon, DigitalOcean.


We develop full-stack, frontend, backend, database, servers

We use Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, and NodeJS

We keep our code simple

We expect change and deal with it.


We test our code

We A/B test landing pages

We A/B test product features

We keep it secure

We use high-security SSL certificates

We use firewalls

We use backups

We use hot standby database instances

Our Work